3240 Epoxy Glass Sheet
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3240 Epoxy Glass Sheet

Grade B:
Thickness: 0.3-50mm.
Dimensions: 1020*2020mm.
Temperature Resistance: 150-180℃.
Features: Phenolic resin content more than fiberglass ,low cost, Easy to processing/maching.

Grade A:
Thickness: 0.5-50mm.
Dimensions: 1020*1220/1220*2440mm.
Temperature Resistance: 150-180℃.
Features: Fiberglass content more than phenolic resin, good insulating property ,Easy to CNC maching.
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1) Used in the mechanical performance requirements of a high motor, electrical equipment and insulating structural parts.

2) ICT, ITE rule the processing of the insulation parts,test fixtures,silicon rubber keypads mold.

3) Fixture plate , mold plywood,countertops grinding plate,packaging machines,comb,etc.

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3240-10 3240-11 3240-12


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